We made the Feb 2009 Cover of
 Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car Magazine!!!!!!!!!!


Here's how it happened

For Sale...........and all made by me!

Back in 2008 I completely made a custom leather interior for my car. I cut the hardboard panels on my band saw and taught myself to sew. It's 14 years later and I have a Fabrication Shop in Massachusetts custom cut all the hardboard panels on a CNC machine so every panel is perfect and identical to every other panel. My Interior Kit contains all the usual components but I also include Kidney Pads and Door Caps at a price that beats anyone out there.

I've also branched out and make a custom padded Boot Cover as well as a unique Fender Blanket that protect your car and holds your tools. As of 2021 I've added CNC cut Kick Panels..... either covered or uncovered

In the past 14 years I've sold over 250 Interior Kits, 191 Boot Covers and  192 Fender Blankets. Not too bad for an old retired guy with no formal training! And the best part is all the sales are by referral or "word of mouth".

Check out the Fender Blankets  along with Interior Panel kits and Boot Covers.  At some point I'll set up a separate site for these items but for now just follow the links or email me for more information.

Another Great Owner's Web Site

If you like my site, I've got another site that I know you'll love. Paul Rego is the original owner..............actually I think he might have married the original owner which in itself shows what a smart guy he is..............of a drop dead gorgeous 1974 Mimosa TR6. And if that's not enough he also has  an equally gorgeous TR8. Paul's site is similar to mine in that he does a terrific job of documenting all the work he does with text and pictures. Between the two of us we've covered a ton of helpful hints for keeping your TR6 on the road. Make sure you spend some time looking through Paul's site. You'll be glad you did......... www.74tr6.com

Most Recent Projects (11/10-?)
Updated August 29, 2020

Wilwood Master Cylinder

Carb LinkageKick Panels
Aluminum Gas TankAir Compressor Mod
EZ Car LiftMiata Seat Brackets
Wilwood CalipersVTO WheelsBrake Bleeder Tool
Alternative Brake Switch Brake Switch FixLower Grill InsertBrake Light Pulsar
Raising Oil PressureRear Bumper FixThrust WashersOil Pump RebuildRivet Nuts

Winter Projects from Dec '08 to Oct '10

Leather InteriorMiata SeatsCenter ConsoleVacuum Hose
Constant Velocity JointTrailing Arm RepairBike RackWiper Motor
Heater Control ValveBlind Moose KitRear SpeakersControl Rod Cleaning
Boot CoverHeadlight Switch FixSpace Saver SpareWindow Seal Install

Winter Projects from Dec '07 to May '08
Goodparts TA KitNissan DifferentialToyota 5 Speed
Brake UpgradeSteering Column
Wiper Motor Clean UpEngine Removal
Accelerator ShaftLocating DowelsGrill Restoration60th Birthday
New StarterHood Installation

Older Projects

TBI InstallationWire HarnessWizard RadiatorFan EliminatorGM AlternatorWindow Channels
Goodparts' BushingsStub Axle UpgradeHood ReleaseCarb Rebuild '06Hood LinerHeat Shield
Sway Bar RepairHorns & ShroudHorn RepairFat MatTail Light SocketsWind Blocker
Electric Fuel PumpRheostat Repair

My First British Cars

Austin Healey SpriteAustin Healey 3000

In 1997, after 28 years without one, I have another LBC...... a 50th birthday
present from my bride of 30+ years. This is how it all began, way back in 1966

Restoration of 1975 TR6 CF38503U

November 1997December 1997January 1998February 1998March 1998
April 1998May 1998Summer 1998Winter '98/'99May 1999

Other Cool Stuff

TR License PlatesVB Guide to Re-Doing Your Interior2008 Emissions TestSpring Compressor Tool
Reading Spark PlugsWiring TagPC Magazine TR6
'74 Dealer Sales & SvcSpeedometer RepairCommission Numbers

A Few Shows

British Invasion '06British Invasion '07British Invasion '08
British Invasion '09British Invasion '10British Invasion '11British Invasion '14

VTR Convention '07Brits by the Sea '08Brits by the Sea '09Stratton MT 2008CTR 2008CTR 2009

Lime Rock 2010Lime Rock 2012

A Few Pictures

2005 Pictures2008 PicturesFall Drive 2008

Triumph Garage Wall Art

Some very cool garage wall art from the folks who bring you the RATCO frame.... talk about a diversity of products!

Six-Tech Manuals

Leonard Renkenberger has worked to prepare a complete set of manuals with additional information that is very valuable to the TR-6 Community. These manuals are commonly referred to as the:
 Six-Tech Manuals and are available for download here...........  We've just added the Hub Manual  for download from the same link as the Six-Tech Manuals.

Tags and Title Tool Box

Every state seems to have its own set of rules & regulations surrounding the inspection and registration process for classic cars. If you frequent the various British Car Forums, you'll all too frequently read horror stories about guys spending weeks and months beating their heads against the proverbial DMV wall. As a way to help us all out, SEMA has put together a "tool box" that covers every state and can be seen here.............. more info

Canada Brokerage Fees & Duty

Shipping to Canada is always a challenge due to the various Duty & Brokerage fees involved. I've been making custom interior panels for a year now and have seen the Canadian recipient charged $90 by UPS for brokerage fees on a $250 item. Pretty outrageous. A fellow TR6 owner was nice enough to document the ins and outs of these fees. You can read all about it here..........more info

Creative Triumph Enthusiasts

The list below is dedicated to the entrepreneurial Triumph owners who have developed and are manufacturing  parts that make our cars more reliable. These people never cease to amaze me with their creativity. If you've created a needed component, please email and tell me about it.

This is not intended to be a list of Parts Suppliers e.g. Moss or TRF. Those folks can be found further down on the page.

Don't forget to check the British Motor Trade Association too for additional suppliers.

Rick Patton Throttle Body Injection (TBI) Website
Rick Patton Fan Eliminator Kit Website
Dan Masters Custom Wire Harness & Electronics Manuals for TRs Website
Tony Drews Assorted Machined Parts - Component Upgrades Website
Richard Good Assorted Machined Parts - Component Upgrades Website
Bob Budd TR6 - TR8 Hood Liner/Heat Shield Website
Scott Helms His own design for the dreaded Thrust Washer Website
Randy Keller Custom Wood Dashes 1-408-288-8737 Website
NOS Import Rebuilt Lever Shocks Website
Marc Goldblatt Steel Engine Saddle/Sealing Block Website
Frank Fischer Assorted Machined Parts Website
Harry Beeker Custom TR Center Console Website
Joe Alexander Assorted Machined Parts - Component Upgrades Website
Mark Macy Assorted Machined Parts Website
Art Lipp Steering Column & Accelerator Shaft DELRIN Bushings......simple fixes for tough problems Email
Don Watson Mounting brackets for rear disc brakes on a TR6 Website
Jeff Palya Carb Rebuilding with a unique refinishing process Website
Francois Faucher Assorted Machined Parts - In French but it's there! Website

Suppliers I've Used & Recommend

Patton TBI Rick Patton has created custom parts that make converting
your car to Throttle Body Injection (TBI) easy
Mr. Mike Miata Seat Covers Mr Mike does custom Miata seat covers in your choice of material and color.
He'll also sell matching vinyl so my Interior Panel Kits will match your seats.
Advance Auto Wire Dan Masters, LBC electrical guru, has components
 to bring your car into the 21st Century
Paltech Micropolishing Jeff Palya rebuilds Carbs to a new standard.
You'll swear they are brand new
Prestige Autowood & Trim Beautiful, custom wood dashes from California.
Handcrafted by Randy Keller and well worth the wait.
Prestige Autotrim Great tops & interiors from England. Lots of
color options in a variety of materials
West Valley Instruments Top quality instrument calibration, restoration and conversions.... ask for Morris.
Good Parts Richard Good makes lots of "Good Parts" for Triumphs.
I've got his aluminum radiator shroud & Nylatron Front Suspension
Victoria British If you know what you want, they've got it. Easy
online ordering too
Moss Motors More knowledgeable then Victoria British with
online ordering
The Roadster Factory Considered by many to be the best parts supplier today.
Just make sure they have the part in stock.
TS Imported Automotive Ted Schumacher's British Car business has helped us for 30+ years

Organizations That Help Us

VTR Vintage Triumph Register - the "Mother" of Triumph sites
SOL Not that SOL.... but the Scions of Lucas
CT Triumph Register The Connecticut Triumph Register


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