A Fall Sunday Drive - Oct 26th 2008

I've lived in Connecticut for almost 61 years but I've never really explored the northeast corner of the state. So today Jeanne and I hopped in the TR6 for top down 150 mile, 3-1/2 hour loop through that little corner of the state. We took the infamous Rte 66 East to 198 North to Woodstock and then beautiful 169 South where at some point we started to meander East to get back home in time for a family Oktoberfest cook out. And what would a trip be with out a few pictures!

No..... this is not the famous pumpkin mobile!
They remind me of some college buddies from the 60's!
THIS....is the Pumkinmobile!
You enter on this side.
The better half.......um the one on the right!
I love the big stem on the roof!
There's two of these giant frogs guarding each side of a bridge in Willimantic
A beautiful 427 Cobra..... such a scary fast car.
A "modified" Spitfire
3.5L Olds V-8 estimated at 240 HP
Vroom Vroom...... the car was actually in very nice shape.
Want to buy it?

One last stop at the picnic table where Jeanne's parents forgot her after a family
picnic back when she was about 6 years old. It took them a couple of miles to figure
out why it was so quiet in the car.