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As they are known to do without any warning, my brake light switch seemed to stop working the other day. I tried the standard adjustment method of bending the tab it mounts into with no results. Then I jiggled the plunger in the switch and the lights came on....... and off again. Jiggle it it shut off. So I drove down to my local NAPA to pick up the all metal mid 80's Honda replacement switch by Echlin # SL-310. But they didn't have any and the distribution center was also out of them. They did order one for me but in the meantime I decided to take mine apart, same as I did for my headlight switch last year, and see if I could fix it. And it was a pretty easy fix! I don't know how long it will last but it saved me $25 for the NAPA switch for the time being.

Note: The repair lasted for a year or two and then I ordered two alternative switches which can be seen at the link in the left column.

Give it a try.....what do you have to lose?!

To separate the switch you need to push these two tabs in..... one is on the other side..
I used a very small flat blade screw driver.
Here it is almost all apart
Once separated, I noticed a little broken piece of spring (red arrow). The blue arrow points to the internal part of the tabs that the brake & reverse lights  attach to.
The connector tabs just slide out
This is the plunger half.

Be VERY careful that you don't lose this tiny spring. Part of it had broken off in the other half of the switch and I wanted to find a replacement spring.

Exploded view looks like this.....

Back to the other half and once you remove the blade connectors and the contact piece you'll find another spring.

All the pierces to the connection half...
A small brad/nail

I couldn't find a spring that small so I decided to "lengthen" the spring by adding a spacer into the set up. I found a brad/nail with a head that fits into the plunger which I cut off flush with the end of the plunger.

So it ended up looking like this...........
Then I cleaned up the contacts using my wife's nail file!  Don't tell her.......
All nice and shiny now........
Put back togehter........
And I added some dielectric grease to the contacts.......

And here's how you adjust the switch.......... Make sure the plunger and the brake pedal arm line up (red arrows). If they don't, you can slide the switch left and right (green arrow). Then you bend the tab (yellow arrow) until the switch turns on and off when you push and release the brake pedal. That's all there is to "fixing" your brake light switch.