How it all began!

Ok....... so mine was blue, but it was a 61 that I bought for $500 from a kid named Carr, remember that name. After spending my freshman year at St. Michael's College and hitchhiking my way around beautiful Vermont, I knew there had to be a better way........ but was a British sports car a better way?? My parents would have preferred good old American iron, Pontiac, Chevy etc., cars preferred by the gear heads I went to high school with, but I wanted a "sports car". I found the Sprite in the classified ads and upon visiting it with my father, discovered it had no 1st or reverse!! SO...... that's what they have mechanics for....... right? Buying a car lacking 1st and reverse leads to very creative parking, trust me on this one. Within a short time of ownership, it led me to my wife. I was a lifeguard at Hubbard Park in Meriden CT. and she was a camp counselor. One day her little campers pushed her into the pool with her clothes on so I offered her a ride home. Little did I know that she liked my cute blue Sprite and wanted to meet me. And so began a 30 year love affair.

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