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I "think" I replaced my kick panels back in 1997 when I got the car. In any case it's 17 years later and time for new custom panels complete with LED lighting.

My old panel is nothing more than .070" cardboard while the new ones are a .120 thick board made of some composite material. I choose to go with the same 1/8" hardboard that I use for the Interior Panel Kits that I make and sell. It's quite sturdy yet very flexible. This is about a $25 project with the LED bulbs being the most expensive part.

Quick Tip...... don't believe the pre-drilled hole locations!
Old one is all warped

Passenger Side panel with the correct hole locations. The large hole is for the LED and the duct tape is holding the cut out piece in place. For some reason new panels are cut the same for both sides and that cut out is for the hood release.

My driver side is modified to account for the fat AAW wire harness bundle that runs down that side of the car.

So how do you find blind holes? Easy with this tool....
I have a set of 6 of these with different sized nubs that fit various sized holes.

Your panel goes between the tool, the nub goes in the blind hole and you smack an awl in the hole on this side of the tool which aligns perfectly with the nub in the blind hole on the other side.

Head down to Wal-Mart or your favorite auto parts store and pick up a roll of this cheapo carpet. I've also got my trunk lined in this stuff and it holds up just fine for this type of use.

Contact Spray Adhesive

Trace the panel outline on the back of the carpet and spray with adhesive. Do the same for the hardboard and wait for it to dry to a tacky feel.

Lay the panel on the carpet and press into place. I only folded over the edges that could be seen and didn't bother with the "invisible" ones. Punch out your holes so they're easy to find.

Here's my LED bulb in a nice aluminum housing... I also used one of these for the key illumination bulb & the glovebox..... casts way more light than a stock bulb and never gets hot. The bulbs are from and are called Bolt Beam 12mm LED Light part # 12B-x

And the back side.... just make sure you use connectors that can fit through the nut!
And hooked up
Driver Side all done
Pitch black and no flash..... lots of light
Driver side
Passenger Side