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Brake bleeding can be a royal pain in the butt....... Oh Honey..... I need you in the garage! Please step on the brake and now hold it to the floor while I close the close the release the brake..... what do you mean you already did release it........... Arrgghh.... Ok.... let's start over........and on and on it goes.

So my one man bleeder isn't new or unique by any means. But it's a combination of some I've seen and only cost about $12. All you need is a spare M/C cap, a tire valve stem, a locking bike pump (I used the Michelin Avenir Universal Head Bicycle Replacement Floor Pump Hose for $7 on Amazon) and a 1/4" barb.

Wal-Mart for about $2 and it even tells you the size hole you need to drill..... .453"

Just drill the proper sized hole and pull the valve stem through

The cap is double walled so it's a bit of a tug to get it in place.

The hose is from Amazon though I'm sure you could pick one up in a local bike shop. The important thing is that the head of it locks on to the valve stem. At the other end is a 1/4" barb x 1/4" MIP fitting that goes to the quick connect.
Here you can see how the head locks on to the valve stem. Just replace your M/C cap with the modified one, attach the locking pump head, connect the hose to your compressor which only needs to be set at 10 lbs PSI and start bleeding. Just remember to check the M/C after each wheel is bled to make sure there's enough brake fluid still in there.