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Winter 98/99

This past winter the car spent lots of time on jack stands having assorted work done. The least expensive thing was removing all the lights, taking them apart and cleaning the reflectors and the lenses. It's amazing how much dirt can accumulate in them over the years. Everything is so much brighter now. The big $$$$ event was treating myself to re-chromed bumpers. From a distance the old ones didn't look too bad, but up close you could see that most of the shiny stuff was long gone. It took about 6 weeks to get them back but the results were quite good.

front_bumper.jpg (16164 bytes)

rear_bumper.jpg (16805 bytes)

As you can see I've decided to forego the big black bumperettes in favor of the early TR6 look. There's one other improvement here that you can see............ new Hella H4 halogen headlights.

Opening up the engine compartment reveals a new radiator shroud from Good Parts, a Triumph specialty shop in Pennsylvania. It's all aluminum and comes ready to drop in place. Assembly consists of a few screws with no drilling required. I had considered an ABS shroud but liked the look of this better and the price was only about $10 more.

Radiator.jpg (12242 bytes)

Let's see May 1999 work....more