Connecticut Triumph Register SHow
Sept 7, 2008

For once the weather man hit the nail on the head. Tropical Storm Hanna threatened to wipe out the show but the weather man said it would blow through Saturday night and Sunday would be perfect..........and it was, despite dropping upwards of 5" of rain on the show field. I had visions of British Invasion 2007 where the field was a mud hole and people were stuck all over the place. But the field was perfect with about 40 Triumphs and maybe 80 - 90 cars total spread out all over it.

As usual, I like to take pictures of the unusual......including this group of TR6 friends resting in the shade.

There were 15 TR6's in the show and 5 of them had interesting ways to power their car.

This is Dr. Formica's home brewed supercharged TR6
complete with a Nitrous Oxide bottle in the truck
and supercharged logos.
Next to the Dr's car was Stan Foster's TR6 with
triple Webers!

In addition to these two cars we had Bill Kopf with twin Webers,
 Al Gary with Triple Strombergs and my car with Throttle Body Injection.

Now for the other fun cars.

A beautiful '97 twin turbo Lotus that tested on the
dyno at 425 HP at the rear wheels! Whew......

A real sweet TR8 with a Holley 4 barrel

A beautiful 1958 Jag Mk III. Just look at that real
wood dash and the massive air filter.
I love Bug Eyes........... but rubber mats for the tranny
tunnel and the floor! Got to be Hot in there.

A '65 TR4 with twin Webers

A '56 MG Magnette! Original and un-restored.
A '61 Morgan complete with a hand crank and a dash
in need of gauges.....but with a bottle of Rain-X
A pretty AH100 with louvered hood and folding