Stowe Vermont, British Invasion 2007

Rain overnight followed by rain, clouds, sun, rain, rain, clouds, sun, sun, rain............... get the idea? This show can typically get 600 - 700 cars on a nice Vermont sunny September Saturday but............ this year rain overnight followed by rain, clouds, sun, rain, rain, clouds, sun, sun, rain. The real sad part is that the previous 5 day's weather was SUN and the forecast for the next 5 days is SUN, so the ONLY crappy day was Saturday. I have to admit that I did get a rather perverted pleasure watching the trailer queens and "car show only" cars splash across the field trying to get to their assigned parking spots......or boat slip :-) I'm in the middle of remodeling our kitchen at home so I didn't even have time to vacuum or wash my car before driving up to Stowe. But these poor guys probably spent a week detailing their cars for this major show. If their cars look anything like mine does now after leaving the field, they probably cried all the way home.

So here's a few pictures of the conditions and the more "unusual" cars that did show up.

Here I am on the straw to "protect" my car Hmmmm..... this doesn't look good
I'm not leaving by going forward!! And you thought it couldn't get worse.....
I HAD to drive through this to get out.
Nice Jag The Umbrella Top
Spit with Umbrella Top Spit Engine Bay
Of course you recognize this car..... it's a 1958 Monoposto
You've got to love this guy to bring this car on to the field. Up to the rims in mud.........think he needed help getting out?
Side pipes, Bling wheels and beautifully detailed
Do you think he likes blue?
And his dash and matching toy car on revolving pedestal. I love need a sense of humor to own one.
Notice anything? Washer Bottle....see.....sense of humor.
Ho-Hum.....another red Healey Oh yea...... Chevy Tahoe 6 cylinder
A '61 Sprite With a 3.8L Jag engine!
and the Sprite's Specs........that's fast! Two nice Mayflowers
One of many Mini's but this one has a...................
Honda VTEC...... zero to 60 in 4.3 sec! A brand new Morgan
This car was beautiful and the finish was unbelievable for being original
Uh oh.......Dan Masters look out..... this guy did a real nice custom wire harness.
Brand new Jags watch the approaching lake.......can a Jaguar swim?
Back home and inspecting some of the Vermont mud I brought home.