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When I ordered the adapters for the TBI Conversion from Rick Patton, I also ordered his Fan Eliminator Kit. I already had an electric fan so the extra cost was only $30 for his kit. Basically you mount your electric fan on the engine side of the radiator and set it up as a puller fan. With the Hayden fan that I have, it was just a matter or removing the fan blades from the housing and flipping them over to make the fan a puller. I planned on removing my radiator anyway to have it cleaned, so the project was quite easy.

That's replace 6 pounds 6 ounces with just 8 ounces!

With the radiator removed, access to the fan bolts is very easy but Rick tells me that it's possible to do with the radiator in place. Look at it this's an opportunity to have your radiator repaired, cleaned & tested and you get to replace all those old hoses too. I mean, this is a cooling system upgrade so you should start with a nice clean system.

First remove the outer 4 bolts & jiggle the fan off Next you remove the 4 inner bolts which lets you
remove that inner disk exposing the main bolt
You need a 1-1/8" 6 point socket to get that bolt off

Fan extension removed & ready for kit

Mounted and ready for the new bolt Crank the 15/16" bolt to 90 lbs and it's all done!

Pretty simple yet ingenious design and easy to install. I won't be driving my car for another 4 - 6 weeks as I finish up my winter projects but I'll let you know if I notice any difference.

Well, it's now September and I've put aver 2500 miles on the car this year with no problems at all. The car feels a lot quicker without the mechanical fan and associated weight dragging on the engine. It may be all in my head but then again, removing over 6 pounds has the be easier on the engine. Some people who have done a similar conversion claim a gain of 5 - 8 horsepower. The other thing that amazed me is how infrequently the electric fan runs. My fan is wired to a light that comes on when the fan is running and it never comes on if I'm moving over 35 mph. All in all a great little product that may just improve your car's performance.