Joe Alexander's Heat Shield

Joe Alexander is a member of the Triumph Mail List and took it upon himself to develop and built a carburetor heat shield for our TR6s. With the help of a few other members (for mounting and testing purposes) he is now selling this "drop in" stainless steel shield for only $45.00 delivered. When I say "drop in", it was almost a perfect "drop in" fit for me,  but when you're dealing with 30 year old cars, there have been lots of "modifications" made that can't be accounted for. You'll see the fuel line problem I had in the pictures below. If you buy this shield make sure you have an extra set of air cleaner gaskets handy as you'll need them. Of course I picked a day when it's 29 degrees outside so I won't have any heat worries for a while!

If you're like what you see, Joe can be emailed at 

Front View
Back View
Side View
Before Installation
Air Cleaners Off
Fuel Line Interference
Fuel Line Off - 4" Bend was too much and hit shield
Fuel Line bent to only a 3" drop and cut shorter
Shield Temporarily Mounted in Place
One Air Cleaner Mounted
Both Air Cleaners Mounted
Top View