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Good Parts.......Really Good Parts!
Richard Good ( makes a slew of great parts to make our cars better. When I was researching what I'd need or want for this project I narrowed it down to his Nylatron Bushing Kit and his Solid Aluminum Steering Rack Mounts. The Nylatron Kit that TRF sells is Richard's kit,S so you can save $20 by ordering directly from Richard. The same goes for the Steering Rack though the savings is only $5.
Nylatron Bushing Kit
The Nylatron Kit is a self-lubricating bushing which eliminates the squeaks associated with poly bushings. I've only driven the car about 10 miles in 50 degree weather but I haven't noticed any squeaks yet. The kit is extremely complete for rebuilding the front end and includes: bushings and stainless steel sleeves for the inner & outer, upper & lower wishbones, new grade 8 pivot bolts, washers and nuts and the rubber seal for the trunnion. When assembling everything I used a good coating of bearing grease on all the parts per Richard's directions. I did have a local fellow TR6 owner (Ivan Bailey) get me started and loan me his spring compressor. With Ivan's guidance on how to use the spring compressor and identify the bushings I was able to move through the project without too much difficulty. I only screwed up once which isn't too bad considering I had never done this before. Basically you can't install the bushings first on the inner, upper wishbones. There just isn't enough room to slide the unit on to the upper fulcrum pins. When I discovered this, I tried to remove the bushing but only managed to break one of them. A quick email to Richard and he mailed one out at no that's great customer service. The way I ended up installing that inner, upper wishbone was to install the outside bushing in to the arm along with the sleeve, then I  slide the inside bushing on to the fulcrum pin, positioned the arm against that bushing and tapped it all in to place.
Aluminum Steering Mounts
I love beautifully machined parts and the steering mounts are pure quality. The installation is pretty simple and I hope these pictures make it even easier. I had the radiator out for a professional cleaning so getting at the old mounts and installing the new ones was easy. Just make sure you don't toss out that "J" shaped bracket when you remove the old mounts. And.....three's a little nylon dot under the right side mount that you'll need with the new mounts. It's about the size of a worn down pencil eraser. Don't lose it!

Some people complain that the solid mounts transfer too much harshness back to the steering wheel. In my limited driving, I haven't noticed anything different, other then the whole front end seems tighter since completing the rebuild. Richard's products are definitely wroth the price.
Old Right Side Mount Don't Lose this Nylon Dot on the Right Side
Don't Lose This Bracket Either You Re-Use It Here
Top View of Installed Mount
View of Both of Them Installed.....Easy to See with no Radiator in place.