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For some time now I've wanted to replace the giant and heavy spare tire in my trunk with a Space Saver Spare (henceforth called the SSS). Thanks to the guys in the 6-Pack Forum (especially Hawaii Guy), I got the exact requirements needed and headed off to my favorite junk yard.

Basically you want a Space Saver or Compact tire in a 4 bolt by 114 pattern on a 15" rim. In this case the size was T125x70D15. These can be found on any 1990 - 1997 Honda Accord Wagon which will then give you a cross reference for other Honda & Acura cars that will work. The beauty of these spare tires is that most of them have never been used and look brand new............. as mine did. The cost in expensive Connecticut was $35.

I was a little concerned about the lug nuts, but the SSS rim has an indent around the stud holes similar to the stock TR6 steel rim. I do need to carry two different lug nut sockets as my alloy wheels lug nuts need a 3/4" socket while the stock steel rim lug nuts use a 7/8" socket. When I put it on, everything lined up perfectly and there was no interference with any suspension components and a short test drive showed I had a winner.

One caveat..............I'm using 1/4" spacers on my front wheels due to an interference problem with my alloy wheels and the spacer was in place when I tested the fit. So if you have any problems on the front with the SSS, you may need to pick up a spacer or swap the SSS to the rear and move a good rear tire to the front if you get a flat front tire.

You do need to check the tire pressure as this one was down to 20 lbs from the recommended 60 lbs.

Don't forget that the intent behind the SSS is to get you to the nearest place to have your flat repaired and I think they say to keep it under 50 MPH and under 50 miles in duration.

Oh yea...........and then there's the biggest benefit of all..........44 pounds 5 ounces was removed and replaced with 27 pounds 1 ounce...........about a 17-1/2 pound weight reduction from the trunk. The tire itself measures about 23" in diameter and is about 6" high when laying down.

Mounted to the rear
Easy to see the overspray from my car's previous life
And the front
Same overspray!
Old spare filled every inch of the compartment
At the suggestion of one of the 6-Pack Forum guys, I placed the tire off center in the trunk and found that the tie down point lined up perfectly with a stud hole

So I used length of 5/16" threaded rod in place of the two hooks that are standard on the car. A nyloc nut is used on the bottom (i.e. under the car) and a regular nut on the inside to clamp it all down nice and tight.

A small washer and a wing nut keeps the tire tight to the floor.

By installing the tire upside down, it gives you the whole inside of the rim to store the jack, lug nuts, gloves etc and secire it with a bungee cord.

Here's the off center look. You could store a few 6-Packs in there now
Even with it centered, there's lots of room.
And the weight reduction!