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Ah yes, the loves of our lives, but they're half a world away. Jeff and Sue met at Keene State College where Jeff graduated in 1993. Upon graduation, he enlisted in the Air Force and soon found himself stationed in Tucson Arizona. Sue joined him there and they spent almost 2 years together in the desert before accepting an assignment in Okinawa, Japan. Sue completed her undergraduate work in Okinawa where they're now both working on their Masters degrees. The Hawaii pictures are from last Christmas where we met for a wonderful two week reunion.

UPDATE: They're now State-side and at Troy State University in Troy, Alabama. Jeff has completed ROTC and is now an Air Force officer after 6 years as an enlisted man. He's also gotten his MBA............. wow! Sue has enrolled in ROTC and is working toward being a Nurse Practitioner. These are two great kids.

Now that I have my cars on the web...... the KID wants his published too. So here they are: 

jeff'scar copy.JPG (4690 bytes) jeff'scar2 copy.JPG (4347 bytes)

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The Kids