2008 Hemmings Cruise In at Stratton Mountain VT.

This was the 2nd annual New England Concours D' Elegance sponsored by Hemmings and held at Stratton Moutain Resort. The Saturday show was a Cruise-in while Sunday is by "invitation only". The Saturday turnout was great with a wonderful variety of really cool cars. Here's some of my unusual favorites.

A 1957 BMW Isetta Cabrio

No Frontal Crash Protection and what's behind the arrow? It's the 1 cylinder engine!

A '27 Nash that obviously doesn't have turn signals!

A Pink '55 Ford Sunliner complete with fuzzy dice, Drive-In speaker and Food tray

What's so unusual about a 1932 Buick?

It sat for 47 years with only 4000 miles on it. And it looked great both inside and out.

From Czechoslovakia, a 1966 Tatra T2-603 and why does it have those gills on the rear panel?

VW & Porsche stuff 4 & 6 cylinder engines back there but Tarta's got a V-8!

Yup....a '62 DAF Pick-up truck from Holland......1 of 5 in the world.

And a belt driven CVT transmission

A Divco Milk Truck complete with 57 cases of milk bottles

A beautiful 1955 Chrysler C-300

Perfect under the hood and inside....the shifter is on the right side of the dash

A '57 T-Bird with rare twin 4 barrel carbs

A '69 General Lee Charger complete with autographed trunk from the Dukes of Hazard cast

GM Bus of the future

A 59 Porsche 356A

And now the British Cars!

Original Owners & 100% Original 1953 MG-TD and look at that leather patina!

Three Beautiful Morgans

A Blue '53

A factory green & yellow '71

And a modern 2005

1952 Allard J2X with a 400 cubic inch Cadillac V8....zoom zoom

I like Yellow....65 AH3000..& a TR6 next to it

Is a 69 Opel GT British.....still a cool car

The TR2 Cover car from last spring.

A beautifully restored 1965 MG Midget

There were 5 TR6's and these are the only two I got a picture of.....didn't even get mine!