Brits by the Sea - 2008

I was told that this was the first time in 5 years that it hasn't rained on this show! The weather was perfect, the setting was beautiful, there were hundreds of cars in attendance from $200K supercars to rust buckets and meeting various Forum folks was great.

The 60 mile trip was made with John & Gail Mitchell in their beautiful original TR6 and Bill & Dale Kopf driving their equally beautiful and original Jeep!  Bill had a transmission failure in his TR6 the day before the event but he wasn't going to miss this show.

Every show has a collection of beautiful cars so I usually only take pictures of the unusual ones that you'd normally not see. One car I was anxious to see was Paul (Brosky) Rego's recently completed TR6. I've only "conversed"  with Paul via the various forums so it was nice to put a face with a name. Now that I know he really is a nice guy, I can share a few pictures with you and have a little fun. His car really is beautiful and he's the original owner.

Paul & his mechanic Eric...another real nice guy.

The engine bay he keeps showing us pictures of.

The real engine with it's red and chrome paint!!

Look at that chrome shine!
And he claims 150 HP...even while missing a carb

Neat Trunk.... huh?!

He really did get the Wizard Logo on right side up.

Here's Paul with Bill (Kodanja) Kopf and his wife Deb

Now this has to be one of the all time coincidences......this is Paul's car parked right next to another TR6.

Paul's Rhode Island license plate

The plate he tried to get ended up parked next to him

Alan A from the 6-Pack Forum was there with his fuel injected TR6. I was a few cars behind Alan leaving the show and his car can really take off!

Real Triumph Fuel Injection

Alan pondering his next upgrade.

Al Gary who helped me over the winter with my Toyota 5 speed conversion had his tri-carb TR6 there.

No wonder he's smiling

Tri Power!

A few more show pictures.

This TR6 had a black crinkle finish dash and it really didn't look
that bad. I bet if he had white gauges it would really "pop".

This was actually driven onto the field to a round of applause.
Sealed beam Hella lamps & original rust.

Highly modified engine.

Recently re-done interior.

And note the cloth tie holding the tire to the rim.

The event was held in Harkness State Park which was once a private estate and was willed to the State in 1950. The setting in on hundreds of acres overlooking Long Island Sound. I wouldn't even want to guess what this piece of property is worth today.

The front of the "house".

Looking out at the backyard and LI Sound

Another backyard view toward the water.

The side flower garden

Another garden and that same woman.......
she even went home with me!