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Using the Flash Chip Programmer

Hopefully you ordered the Flash Chip Programmer Option when you ordered your system from John. This is an added cost option that lets you flash your chip to an updated profile based on what John see when you send him a data log. Given the ease of making these changes, coupled with John's expertise, it will be money well spent. The only caveat is that you have to have a laptop for the data logging.

What follows is a pictorial step by step for removing the chip from the ECM to using the chip programmer and software.

Chip and Plastic Holder are gently pried up and removed from ECM Flip Plastic holder over and note how the pins line up with the plastic tabs: 2 Pins to a tab on 1 side and 3 pins to a tab on the other side
Separate the Chip from the plastic holder. It's just held in by pressure, basically a tight fit, but nothing locking it in place. Chip in Flash Burn device. Note the orientation of the chip notch and the 2 slot space at the top/left. Make sure you raise the lever to insert the chip and then lock it down to secure the chip.

If you haven't already done so, go to and download the software for the BURN 1 device. Then download the updated USB drivers for the BURN 1 device. Once you have the software installed on your computer, connect the BURN 1 programmer to the computer with the supplied USB cable and your PC should recognize a new device connected to it. Once it says that the device is ready, start the BURN 1 software. It should recognize the programmer and bring up a screen for programming the chip.

Step 1: Select the highlighted Supported Chip and make sure the start and end addresses match what's shown in the Chip Address Field

Step 2: is to erase the existing program on the chip. Just click the Erase Chip button and you should see Erase Succeeded in the window below.

Step 3: Click the Load File to Buffer button which will open a Select File screen. Navigate to where you've saved the file John emailed you. Once you've found it, select it and click Open.


Step 4: Change the Start & End addresses in the Chip Addressing field to the numbers shown. Confirm that the correct file from John in identified in the Window below. Once you've done that click on Program Chip button.

Step 5: After you click on Program Chip, you see the flash progress happen in the window below followed by the PROM I/O Succeeded message.

Step 6: Id you want to double check everything, click on the Verify Chip button and look for the Success message in the window.

Now it's time to remove the chip from the burn device. Raise the lever to a vertical position and lift out the chip. Snap the chip back in the plastic holder and insert back in to the ECM.....see pictures at top of page. Start the car, go for a spin and see if you can notice any improvements with the new program. They may be very subtle or somewhat extreme depending on what has done. Do another Data Logging session and send it off to John for another review.