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By-Pass Block Off Plate

This was a simple installation and I didn't even follow Rick's instructions...... But I should have :-(

This is your By-Pass Thingie - the technical term Remove these 3 slotted screws

Removing the 3 screws from the front carb is easy because there's nothing blocking it. The rear carb is more difficult because the linkage and the front carb gets in the way. Rick suggests using a stubby screw driver with a lot of patience. Being short on patience I tried the stubby, quickly tossed it and instead used the longest, thinnest screw driver I had which worked great. I had both removed in about 5 minutes.

This is your carb with the
 By-Pass Thingie removed

This is the removed By-Pass Thingie

So I get both removed with no problem and now try to install the block off plate, which is about as thick as Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil. I quickly realize that the existing screws are way too long and head to the basement in search of shorter screws. No to Sears next. An hour later I'm home with 12 new screws........6 of one type and 6 of another type. A little more futsing around in the garage and I'm thinking this block off plate is way too thin to support and block anything. Gee....I wonder what Rick's site says.......OH............ DUH...........the plate goes back on the removed valve and the WHOLE thing goes back on the carb. Sheesh.....wadda dummy. Here's what it's supposed to look like. Now that makes sense!

Wafer Thin Block Off Plate How it's supposed to look when
you follow the directions!

Next Up.....More Carb work