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Running The Fuel Lines

You will need to spend some time under your car to figure out the best way to run the fuel line and the return line in order to avoid hot parts (exhaust system) and moving parts (drive shaft). I had the line run once but it took me too close to both things, so I spent some more time on my back under the car looking for a better way. This time I just followed the route of the existing fuel lines and crossed over on the cross member at the front of the engine. You have to use hose rated for fuel injectors, usually at 250 PSI and I've found that the prices are all over the place. I bought this hose from John Wilson as part of the conversion package for $3.00/ft. I got 15 feet and used about 12 or 13 feet for the run between the pump and the regulator. Then I needed a short 5/16" piece for the pump fittings and went to my local NAPA store where it was $9.00/ft!! Luckily I only needed 4". When I mentioned this to Rick Patton (he owns 2 NAPA stores in Maine), he told me that the Push-Loc hose he sells is priced at $1.39/foot! So you might want to shop around.

This is the fuel line I'm using from the pump to the carbs. Push-Lok hose rated at 250 PSI

Here are the holes and grommets for the 3 lines that
need to be routed to/from the regulator. I needed a 1", a 7/8" and a 3/4" hole but yours may vary.
Tough to see but these are the 2 screws that I'll mount the regulator to. I used 4mmx12 screws with a washer and lock nut on the inside and 2 neoprene washers on the outside. You need the washers to clear that metal lip.

First thing I did was plug the end of the line. As
you'll see, the undercarriage of my car is anything
but clean! Latex gloves for this job are needed.

The new line is marked by red and the old lines by
This is at the back of the car with the front to the right

Another view. This time the car front is at the bottom of the picture

Following the original lines forward and utilizing a lot
the existing brackets and holes in the frame

Once I got the hose run from the rear to the front I had to find a good place to cross over the other side of the car. The spot I initially choose was between the oil pan and the front of the transmission housing. Then I got to thinking about the heat that would be generated there and got concerned about vapor lock........sooooo....I pulled all the line out and spent about an hour looking for a more suitable route and settled on one that crossed over on the front member under the fan. The 5/16" return line will run alongside the fuel line until I can tie it in to the old steel fuel line....probably right below the oil filter.

Looking Down Between the Carbs In Front of Front Carb on Cross Member
Return Line Utilizes Old Steel Fuel Line Crossing Over on Cross Member
Crossing Over on Left Side Crossing Over on Right Side

Next Up............A Converted Distributor