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Reliability & Parts

If you've visited this section before you might remember that it was called the Parts List section. My intent was to show all the components that make up the package along with the year, make, model & engine size of the car that they are used in. The reasoning was to show that the main parts are readily available in any auto parts store if something should fail. Well, after talking/emailing with Rick and John, it's evident that they have spent a lot of time collecting the best, most reliable yet cost effective components to make this system work. While they share the details with customers who have made the purchase, they'd prefer that they weren't made public. In retrospect, I don't blame them.

Suffice to say that GM (and other manufacturers) have these components in, literally, millions of cars that have logged hundreds of millions of miles with minimal failures since the mid '80's. They're designed to last 150,000 - 200,000 miles as compared to most Triumphs that are driven maybe 3000 - 5000 miles a year. Reliability with this conversion IS NOT a factor.

What I have kept is a list of all the fittings that were used for the fuel delivery side of the installation. This is how I did, so your requirements may vary.

Gas Tank to Fuel Pump
Fittings NAPA Part# Size Purpose
Fuel Shut Off Valve - $40 WH6828 1/4" NPT Shuts Off Fuel Flow to Filter
Same Function but Less $$
Fuel Shut Off Valve - $12
BK 715-1482 1/4" NPT Shuts Off Fuel Flow to Filter
Gas Tank Outlet Fitting WH3200X4 1/4" NPT Outlet to Fuel Pump
3/8" Straight Barb WH05705B-104 1/4" NPT Fuel Hose Barb to Pump
3/8" to 1/2" Reducer NBH 9909   Hose to Pump Size Reducer
PushLoc 3/8" Inverted Flare WH10006BA06 3/8" Fitting to High Pressure Fuel Line
barb w/ 3/8" Inverted Flare WH05705B-1561 3/8" Fitting to Pump 5/16" Outlet
Fuel Hose   3/8"  

Return Line to Gas Tank

Fittings NAPA Part# Size Purpose
Tank Return Fitting WH3200X4 1/4" NPT Female
Elbow   1/4" NPT Street Elbow FIP to MIP
5/16" Straight Barb WH05705B-104 1/4" NPT Return Line Hose Connection
Fuel Hose   5/16"