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Converted Distributor

The distributor is back home and while it's still stamped Lucas, it looks like anything but a Lucas. There's now a custom aluminum billet that mounts between the old body and the new cap. There's also a ball bearing race under the billet that keeps the old shaft from wobbling. The new cap and rotor are from a 1985 Jeep and the points and condenser have been replaced with electronics. Everything is nicely labeled and plug ended for easy installation.

Aluminum Billet Holds the New Components The New Electronics
The Whole Thing - Rotor & Cap from a '85 Jeep Hooked to The Ignition Module
Ignition Module Mounted to Fuel Pump Blanking Plate Bolt
New Distributor & Coil. Sure hope I have the plug wires in the right order!

Next Up......ECM Connections