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Check List Before First Start 

John provides  pretty detailed "first start" instructions on his web site but I feel even more detail is needed for people like here's my version:

  1. Have a Fire Extinguisher by your side. Anytime you've fooled with electrical connections and/or fuel lines, this is mandatory. Especially when you are now dealing with fuel delivery under high pressure.

  2. Double check EVERY electrical connection and make sure you used heat shrink tubing on them to prevent shorts.

  3. Double check EVERY Fuel connection fitting and clamp for tightness.

  4. Double check EVERY plug-ended connection and make sure none of their cables are resting on hot surfaces.

  5. Double check the coolant sensor fittings and hose clamps.

  6. Add a few gallons of fuel to your gas tank.

  7. Open the fuel tank shut off valve and watch fuel fill the filter. Check for leaks.

  8. Hook up your battery AND CHECK FOR SMOKE........smell for it too!

  9. In hindsight, I wish I had set the timing before the first start as outlined on Rick Patton's TBI site. The car would have started a lot easier if I had, but I didn't have anyone to crank the engine while I worked the timing light.

At this point you should follow John's directions. Once the car is running and while it's warming up, check everything again and smell for smoke or gas.

Next Up.......First Start Results