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Oxygen Sensor Returns

Pulling the pipes off the car was the right decision as the final cost was only $20 with the results shown below. Quality welding is an art-form of sorts and this guy was good.

Nice Welding Job by a Local Garage - Picture on left shows approximate mounting orientation

Throttle Position Sensor (TPS

Rick provides a GM TPS that's installed in a custom mounting bracket. You see those two Allen socket screws...well they are stainless steel 8-32x1/2" Socket Head Cap Screws. I'm telling you this because you will drop them many times during the installation and later fine tuning of the TPS module. And at least one of the screws you drop will land somewhere on you starter never to be seen again. Go spend $2 and buy 4 extra screws, washers and lock nuts. It's not worth the aggravation not to! Ask me how I know :-)

TPS Front View TPS Rear View
TPS Plug View Throttle Adapter Plug Inserted -
The bracket mounts right to the bolts that hold the carb to the manifold
Adapter Plug - This end goes into TPS above &
Hex Nut tightens adapter to throttle shaft
Here's the nut that the adapter replaces &
the dreaded "pipe"


Houston....we have a problem.....I can't get the @#*&ing TPS to fit over the adapter because the Air Injection pipe is in the way. After studying the problem and wondering how Rick could fix it.....I decided to flex a little muscle and see if I could carefully bend the pipe away from the carb.

Pipe was straight up (Red Line) leaving no room
 for TPS to be mounted, so I bent the pipe
 to the pictured location
Now the TPS fits just fine
Adapter & Bracket in Place Adapter was finger tightened to wave washer and the slot lined up to mate with the TPS. Then it's locked to throttle shaft with hex nut

The TPS mounting bracket is a perfect fit and mates to the carb/manifold bolts. DO NOT tighten the bolts until you fit the TPS unit into the bracket. When you insert your TPS into the bracket, you have to pre-load it. In other words, if the driver slot is in the correct orientation, it will match with the corresponding slot in the TPS BUT you'll have to rotate the TPS slightly to get it to fit in the bracket. If the TPS and driver slots align AND the TPS slides into the bracket without being rotated a little, you'll end up getting a trouble code when you first start your engine. This will make sense later. Trust me.

Adapter & Bracket before mounting TPS All Installed
Check this picture and note carefully because it will save you lots of aggravation later

Next Up.....Carb By Pass Block Off Plate