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ECM and Wires

The ECM and a spaghetti nest of neatly bundled and labeled wires arrived. Just about every wire is plug ended and can only go into a specific component so it'll be hard to screw those connections up. There are a few wires that need to be spliced or connected to other components, but they are so well labeled that it should be pretty straightforward. Hope those aren't famous last words!

Lots of Nicely Labeled Wires Not Too Many TR6s with a Check Engine Light!
Plugs, Plugs and More Plugs Ignition Module Well Labeled
Coolant Sensor - Unplugged and Plugged
Map Sensor - Unplugged and Plugged

I decided to mount the ECM at the end of the passenger foot well in a vertical position. There's actually enough room to put it under the passenger seat but there's not enough wire to reach everywhere you have to go. I told John Wilson that I'd measure everything for him as he'd like to put the ECM under the seat for easy access. So whoever orders next will benefit from my measurements.....hope I'm accurate!

The wire harness grommet required a 1-5/8" hole and the grommet is a TR6 "main harness" grommet. I had to trim the inside of the grommet to make it large enough to handle the ECM harness. The hole was drilled from inside the car and comes out just below the washer bottle. I first drilled a small pilot hole from the outside to make sure I started in the right spot once I started drilling from inside the car. It came out perfect. Well, it was perfect until I removed the plastic harness and wrapped it with harness tape. If I had planned ahead better I probably could have gotten away with a much smaller hole and grommet. The only thing you have to check is that all the ECM plugs fit through the grommet.

Plastic harness on left and wrapped with harness tape on the right

Once I get all the wire locations figured out I plan on removing the Split Wire Harness and re-wrapping all the wires under the hood with harness tape. That way I can combine multiple groups of wires into a single wrap and then split individual components out from the main harness. It should then look a lot neater and less "congested". Once I get the car running on TBI, I'll put it back up on blocks and re-wrap everything under the hood and under the dash.

This is too congested, so I plan on re-wrapping into one main harness with harness tape

Much Better

The last two components mounted were the coolant sensor and the MAP module. I went a little different route with the coolant sensor because I didn't like the look of it mounted vertically with the plug wire. It just made it all stick up too high for me, so I mounted it all upside down! The fittings are: a 3/8" NPT Tee and two  3/8"x1/2" barbs. For my main 24/7 power connection for the ECM, I hooked in to Dan Masters' power panel.

Upside Down Coolant Sensor Main Power Under Plexiglass

The last piece of the puzzle was the MAP which I mounted right under my wire harness power panel and right next to the regulator. It also required a hose connection to the manifold which was easy.

MAP all hooked up Vacuum line on right goes to MAP

Now that I've put about 150 miles on the car and John has sent me a new profile for the chip, it's time to put her back up on jack stands and make everything "permanent" and nice and pretty! On the TBI side, I will mount the ECM in its new home, remove the plastic wire harness and wrap all the wires with harness tape and try and figure out a way to wrap the fuel lines between the regulator and carbs with some insulation foil.

I decided to mount the ECM in the passenger foot well. It will only shorten the leg room by about 2 inches and it will still be easily accessed.

Here's the wood panel covering it and then carpet will cover the panel.

Starting to wrap the whole TBI harness with proper harness tape.

Next Up.......Pre-Start Checklist