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Next up is removal of the carb domes which is pretty straight forward. Just unscrew the damper, remove 4 screws and the cover lift right off. Judging the by size of the spring underneath it should "pop" right off ;-)

Cover off reveals Spring Spring lifts right off - no I didn't chip damper chamber. It had to be one of the previous owners
The Piston lifts out All Removed...Time to add the adapters
All the carbs need now are the Injectors!

Once I have the injectors, they'll pop in under that removable "U" shaped bracket that's in the middle of the adapter. Then I have 3 choices:

  1. Leave them exposed for all the world to see as there's no need, other then cosmetic to cover them up.

  2. Cut the interior of the existing carb domes and put them back on to make it look like a normal carb.

  3. Beg, plead, nag Rick to make up some nice matching covers....maybe even engraved with "TBI by Patton".

My preference is #3 as I see no reason to try and cover up (no pun intended) the fact that those aren't really working ZS carbs. I mean, after all, one close look and anyone would notice all the non-standard electronic components that'll be attached under the hood.

Here's the injector installation page......more

One last thing I did was to drain all the fuel from the bowls by prying off the plug that's fitted to the bottom of the carb bowl. It comes off, gas flows out and it pushes back on....maybe will a little help from a rubber mallet.

Pry this out to drain the fuel from the carb bowls

I also got some 1/4" emission plugs to cover the old fuel inlets on the 2 carbs.

Next Up.....Gas Tank & Fuel Lines