Miata Seat Installation - Sept '09





Headrest Speakers

After I completed my web site update with the Miata seat installation, I let the guys in the Miata.net Forum know as they were very helpful when I was looking for seats.

Pretty quickly I got the following response:

"I ran my original wires as you did. It was only after I removed the seat covers that I saw the built-in channel for routing the wiring through the seat at the base of the headrest, then along the back side of the backrest".

So I looked at my original pictures, smacked my self on the forehead and went.....DUHHH!

Look at that nice slot the Mazda engineers cut into the seat foam under the speakers! So.... route the wires down the slot and then use the coat hanger technique to punch a hole at the light green arrow through to the back of the seat.
But wait........ they also gave us an equally nice slot in the back that runs all the way to the bottom of the seat! DUHHHHHHHHHHHH.......  The hanger will come out by the round hole at the top green arrow and then run the wire down the cut out in the foam.

More from my Miata.net friend..........

"I took two of your pictures to illustrated how the wiring is routed - the top picture looks like a V, with left and right speaker wires forming the V and headed toward the circle. If you flip the seatback over, you will recognize that familiar hole a few inches below and between your circles - that's the feed through point, then the wires are routed down the side. They do this so the wiring does not show up through the seatback - which you can probably see. You might be able to clip a couple of the hog rings and move the wiring into the groove - after you peel back the headrest and feed the wiring through the feed through hole."

So that's how you should run the wire but, I'll be leaving mine as it is seeing as you can't really see the seat backs once the seats are installed in a TR6.

Now......Back to how I did it.