Miata Seat Installation - Sept '09





Getting to Love Hog Rings - Part 2

NOTE: The Miata seats are asymmetrical just like a TR6 so there's a driver's seat and a passenger's seat and the two are not interchangeable. Make sure you mark the pieces Driver or Passenger.

NOTE: DO NOT just cut the old covers off as you will need to refer to them during the re-upholstery process.

Now that the bottoms are done, it's time to move on to the seat backs. Start by unzipping the headrest and peel the cover back to reveal the foam grill that covers the two places for speakers.

Unzip the headrest and remove the foam cover.

Save this!

R for Right Speaker and L for Left Speaker............Duh.....

We'll come back to the headrest at the very end but now we're moving to the bottom of the seat back.

This is the seat back bottom. Start clipping those hog rings!

Still looking at the bottom with the seat on its side. Once you get all those rings removed you can lift up this center panel that lies between the side bolsters.

Same view but with the seat back laying on its back.

Oops..... I removed all the hog rings before I took the picture but you can see where they all were. This is that center piece of foam that lays between the side bolsters.

This is the center foam piece removed from the seat cover.
Lift up on the side bolster's cover and you'll find more hog rings.

Once you get the hog rings off of the side bolsters, you can peel the cover back to expose the foam. The arrows point to more rings......look below!

Once you get both bolsters pulled back, look under the cover at the top of the bolster and you'll find these rings.

We're almost done with cutting hog rings! Go back to the headrest and you'll find a few more right below the speaker spaces.

Here's the seat back with the covers and center foam piece removed. Now you want to check ALL of the foam, seat bottom and seat back, for any little pieces of hog rings.

You'll find lots of partial pieces sticking out or even buried in the foam. Be thorough about this as it would be a shame to have an old hog ring piece poke a hole in your brand new leather upholstery!

A sample of the pieces I pulled out of the foam.........and there were more than this!

Time to clean up those rusty seat pans............more