Miata Seat Installation - Sept '09





Rusty Seat Pan

NOTE: The Miata seats are asymmetrical just like a TR6 so there's a driver's seat and a passenger's seat and the two are not interchangeable. Make sure you mark the pieces Driver or Passenger.

The downside of getting seats from a junk yard is...........they probably haven't been protected from the weather. When I pulled these out of the car they weighed a ton and the foam was pretty wet. Much to my surprise, the foam dried pretty quickly and was in very good shape. The seat pans however, needed some special attention due to all the rust covering and penetrating them.

Here's the driver pan all covered in scaly rust.
The passenger side was a little worse with those big holes eaten away on the edges.
Don't forget to cut off the seat belt bracket.

The condition of the seat pans reminded me a little of my Nissan Diff when I first got it. So it was time to use up the left over POR-15 from two years ago but first.............it's angle grinder wire wheel time.

NOTE: An angle grinder is dangerous enough and hitting rust with a wire wheel compounds the danger so wear gloves, a face mask and eye protection. It's unbelievable how much rust dust is created, and without a face mask, you'll be blowing brown gunk out of your nose for a quite a while.........and it can't be good for your lungs.

One pan done and one to go!
This is the passenger side and you can see where the rust has eaten right through.

Using POR-15 is a three step process........well four if you count getting a two year old used can opened! Actually I used Saran Wrap under the cover and it opened up pretty easily. The first step is to clean it with their Marine Clean. Step Two is their Metal Prep and Step Three is a couple of coats of POR-15.

Here's two shots of the pan after using the Metal Prep which neutralizes the rust. It turns a phosphorous-like color for the paint to adhere to.

The bolts gave me something to hold on to and kept the POR-15 off of the threads.

The second coat of POR-15 is applied while the first coat is still tacky....i.e. there should be some finger drag when you run your fingers across it.

Hopefully rust proofed for life!

Let's take a look at how the seat rails work and come apart.............