Miata Seat Installation - Sept '09





Headrest Speakers

Now that the wire and boxes are installed, it's time to solder some connections and wire the car with plugs under each seat.

I did all of the soldering with my trusty mini butane torch. Normally, with speaker wire, this would not be the heat source of choice as it would melt the plastic coating.............. but if you put the connection in a vise, the vise acts as a big heat sink and the plastic will be fine......... trust me :-)  All of my connections are crimped and soldered.

If you can't find 1/8" female connectors, you can use 3/16" for both terminals. I've been told that female spades labeled .110" will also fit. Heat shrink isn't really necessary but it makes it neater & hides stuff.

Speaks for itself.

Speaker end is all wired up.

These are 4 Pin interlocking connectors from Radio Shack. The part numbers are:
274-234 & 274-224. If you're smart and want to avoid wiring confusion, do what I did and put them together and label them. In this case they both have a 1 indicating driver's side and then R & L. The passenger side was labeled 2!!
I've got a rear shelf speaker box that I wanted to keep, so there's one extra wire here that goes to those speakers. The wires from the radio are spliced to the speaker wires under those yellow terminals then held with red heatshrink tubing and finally wrapped with silicon tape.  I spent some time sitting on the floor trying to figure out how the wires had to go and basically two wires have to cross the tranny hump. A right speaker wire crosses from the passenger side to the driver side and a left speaker wire goes from the driver side to the passenger side.

Then I duct taped it all to the floor underlayment and............

Put a little slit in my carpet and the two plugs poke through.

I used my multi-meter to do a continuity test on each wire for identification purposes. I actually did this before shoving the terminals into the connector but I forgot to take a picture.
To make it easy on myself I decided that the plus wires would go to the outside connectors and the minus wires to the inside. That eliminated any screw ups.

I got a thing for heatshrink tubing.......

Some acoustic fluffy stuff in each box and............

The speakers are installed. As you can see I did this after the upholstery was finished. I wasn't going to risk poking a hole in them.

The speakers sound great and can actually be heard while cruising down the highway. I highly recommend installing this kit.

Time to install the new leather seat covers.............