Miata Seat Installation - Sept '09





Headrest Speakers

One of the things that attracted me to the Miata seats was the built in provision for headrest speakers and what was even better was that the modern speakers used today are of much better quality than the original ones. I Goggled "Miata headrest speakers" and got a hit for 3rdStrategy.com out of Cambridge MA. They offered the complete package of speakers and speaker boxes so I went for it...............and wasn't disappointed. I went with their RetroFit Kit which included the boxes as well as the speakers. I am not an audiophile, but these speakers come with crossover/blocking capacitors............I have no idea what that means or what it does, but all of their speakers shipped after June 2007 have them.............

The kit includes: 4 boxes, 4 speakers, acoustic fluffy stuff & all the screws you'll need
The red arrow points to the crossover/blocking capacitor, the blue arrow to the negative terminal and the black arrow to the positive terminal.

Test fit of a box and a speaker in a box.

And the cover that should be included with your seats.

In case you confuse Right & Left, Mazda makes it easy. The blue arrows point to the bolt holes for the boxes. Find them with your fingers and then scrape the foam off with a razor or screwdriver tip.

One on top and two on the bottom.

STOP READING and go to the next page to see how I should have done this. I was following the directions that came with the speakers.........following them to the letter and not really looking at the seats and how they were designed. I've also emailed the speaker people to suggest they review my page and supplement their instructions. In fairness to them, their instructions are for adding the speakers to an upholstered seat, but even so I think you could work the wires into the provided slots.

OK....back to how I did it. Now look on the back of the headrest and you should see two small holes which I've circled in red. You need to fish the speaker wire through these holes to the front.

Grab a coat hanger, find the opening between the two bottom bolt holes and fish it through to the back on this angle (blue line). It takes some force to get it through.
While you're pushing from the front, feel at the back for guidance and you should come close to the hole. You don't need a direct hit.
Now tape your speaker wire to the hanger and work it through to the speaker recess. This took some pulling and pushing force but it will feed through.
Feed the wire through the speaker box and bolt the box in place. I used about 6' of wire on each side. Make sure you note the Left & Right speakers on the headrest. I know that you know your milk hand from your cookie hand but seeing it shouting at you in magic marker helps eliminate brain cramps when it's time to wire them up.
On the back side I used good old Duct tape to hold it all in place.

Next up is wiring the speakers and the car.........