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Summer 1998

Summer 1998: Most of the summer has been spent enjoying lots of top down driving. As long as it isn't raining I'm out driving "baby".... as my wife has named her!

One of the fun parts of the summer was attending my first show as an owner and participant. The event was Triumph Day, at the Brookline Mass. Museum of Transportation. I spent Saturday cleaning her up (the car, not my wife!) and made the 2 hour trip to Brookline on a beautiful sunny day. By day's end we had one 2 awards: longest drive and 3rd in class against about 15 other 1973 - 1976 TR6's. The 100 mile drive home was spent following Don Sforza's immaculate BRG TR4.

But even though there's been lot's of driving, there's also been a somewhat steady stream of ongoing improvements.


Let's see the Winter of 98/99 work......more