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February 1998

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February 7,1998: Well, it's time to show off the latest addition to the car family. What could it be? It's a red beauty........ the first red car I've had since my 64 Healey 3000. It's got 2 doors and alloy wheels. Interior....beige leather.


February 24, 1998: There was ONE thing about the car that I didn't like and it was taken care of today!

February 25, 1998: I made an appointment today to have the carbs rebuilt by Bob's Foreign Car Service. My objective is twofold: pass emissions and eliminate the persistnet "miss" I'm experiencing.

February 27, 1998: The car goes in next week for the carb rebuild so I took it to emissions today. My logic was, if it flunked, the cost of the rebuild would meet the minimum cost required to get a waiver (if needed). I learned a couple of things: NEVER go to emissions toward the end of the month (2 hour wait) and don't get in the 4x4 lane with a LBC (there's not enough ground clearance to get over the 4x4 chocks). The new Connecticut emission laws now have the test done on a dyno at 25 MPH. Here was a stranger sitting in my car reving it up to 25 MPH on a set of rollers. I kept waiting for it to fly off the rollers and crash into the car in front of it. Much to my surprise it passed with flying colors. I couldn't believe it! Now when the carbs are rebuilt, it only has to be tuned and not detuned (to pass emissions).

Let's see March's work......more