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May 1999

The most recent improvement is the best. A new dash from Prestige Autowood and Trim. A word of warning.... take whatever delivery date you are given and triple it. I ordered in early December with a 6 week delivery quoted. Checked back 5 weeks later and it was put off 4 more weeks. Checked back a few weeks later and it was off again. Final actual delivery date - April 15th......... 16 weeks after initial order. I was told it would be worth the wait...... and it was. The wood is highly figured Hawaiian Koa and the finish is flawless. Unfortunately the pictures don't do it justice. After removing the old dash I decided to clean all my gages. The bezels twist off and the glass can be removed and cleaned. The gage face is then wiped with Endust which gives it a "like new" shine. All went well until the last gage...... the oil pressure gage. The bezel turned just like the previous 5 gages. Only when I pulled it off, the gage face came with it, breaking the needle which is snaked through the face. WHY did they make this gage different from the rest? I ordered a new one from Moss and then set out to try and find a used one. An email to Bob's Foreign Auto and good old reliable LBC's best friend Bob replied a couple of days later with one. At that point I had the new one and was well on my way to having the dash installed. I guess I should consider myself lucky that with all the work I've done over the past 2 years that's the first mistake that cost me more then $20. And now the pictures:


newdash5.jpg (12399 bytes)

newdash6.jpg (10729 bytes)

I drive my car every day the weather is "top down" nice. It goes to work, the golf course, the mall and even grocery shopping. The top only goes up if I get caught in the rain. As a result I worry about sun damage to the interior and keeping the inside clean. Last summer I used my tonneau all the time but it's a pain to put on and take off. Then I saw a Mercedes with a Covercraft Cockpit Cover but they didn't make one for Triumphs. This year Moss has a very similar unit in their latest catalog. At $45 it was priced right so I ordered it. Pictures are at this link: cockpit cover.

Well, it's taken about 18 months to get the car to the point of just doing maintenance or some of the upgrades I've been wanting to do. So surf on back to my main page and check out the "Keeping It Going" Section.