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Restoration Project
May 1998

Under Construction..... in more ways than one

Most of April and May have been spent enjoying the "fruits of my labor" by driving the "6" everyday it's not raining. The top is down and will stay that way until Fall, or if I get caught in the rain.

There have been a couple of improvements made in the past month: logo carpet mats, stainless logo doorsills and:

Steering Wheel Side.jpg (14009 bytes) Steering Wheel Front.jpg (19662 bytes)

The new wheel is a Grant GT , 14",  3 spoke,  chrome finish,  leather wrapped beauty. The left hand picture was taken through the windshield to show how the adapter moves the wheel about 2" closer to you. At first I wasn't sure if I liked the look and feel of it being closer, but the more I drove, the more I liked it this way. It was a perfect fit (installation wise) and comes highly recommended........ by me!

Memorial Day weekend found us playing lots of golf, coupled with a little work on the car. A pretty easy project was polishing the carb dashpots. It basically involves removing the caovers and buffing them on a polishing wheel attached to a bench grinder or drill press. The results are dramatic as can be seen (sort of)  below:

Carb Before.jpg (13716 bytes) Carb After.jpg (14918 bytes)
Before After


Let's see the Summer of '98 work......more