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March 3, 1998: Left home on a nice warm sunny day to drop the car off at Bob's Foreign Car Service and arrived there 30 minutes later in pouring rain. So much for a clean car. There's something about taking my car to Bob's that always brings rain. The purpose of my visit is twofold: have the carbs rebuilt and eliminate a persistent miss. Hopefully they're related. As usual, any visit to Bob's results in LBC talk and an inspection of all the cars in for repair and restoration work. If memory serves me there was an: MGA, 2 MGBs, TR6, AH 3000, 2 TR3s and a couple of Spits. Out for paint work was another MGA and an XKE. The good news is, he's up to his eyeballs in work..... the bad news is, he's up to his eyeballs in work! During the visit I also got to meet Don Sforza from the Connecticut Triumph Register, an organization I should join.

March 4, 1998: When does 1 + 1 = 1?   Drove back to Bob's to pick up the car..... no rain yet! The 2 carbs definitely needed to be rebuilt, especially in view of the fact that only ONE was working!! Hence the 1 + 1 = 1. As a result, the engine was running very lean (probably why it passed emissions) and was stumbling and missing. What an unbelievable difference. No more miss. No more hesitation. No more driving with the choke. It pulls very strong in all 4 gears and can cruise around town in 4th at 25 MPH. Step on the pedal and it responds instantly....... now I know what other TR6 owners are talking about. Bob set the mixture for "winter" driving and said to stop back when the weather turns warm for the "summer" setting........ no charge! I knew advice was free....... but service too? He did recommend I install a new choke cable as this one is binding pretty severely........ so I shouldn't need two hands to pull out the choke?

March 5, 1998: When through the TR6 budget and placed an order with Vic Brit for some accessories for which I've been saving . Once they're installed I'll update the site with pictures. I also took the car to work today as the forecast called for a nice sunny day. Left for lunch in bright sunshine and drove into a snow squall about 5 miles from the office! SNOW........ well at least it was brief and there was no road sanding or salting done.

March 16 - April 6, 1998: Been off line for a while to get acquainted with my new power machine! More power is good......... right! Well, now for numbers, I've got 3331281948.4!! Guess you'll have to click to find out what it all means.

March 23, 1998: I guess it's not too bad to only screw up one thing when you've torn a whole interior and dash apart. Everything removed from the dash was marked, tagged and bagged. The only thing not tagged was the power and ground leads on the radio itself. Red is power and black is ground. Right? WRONG!! I hooked it up that way and then turned the key to on. Brief flicker of radio lights, then nothing. Tried it again with the same results, plus smoke.......................... SMOKE?!? What the heck? Smoke is pouring out of the radio case as I feverishly turn off the key and cut the radio wires. The car's all right but the radio is probably cooked. Only Dr. Lucas, the Prince of Darkness, would use the red lead as a ground! So I bought a new AM/FM stereo cassette and new speakers and installed it without problem. I even put in "rear" speaker, small square surface mounts. Everything sounds fine, but with all the other noise going on "at speed", who cares!

March 26, 1998: Came home and found some big boxes sitting on the front porch! But it's now April and I'm still waiting.

Let's see April's work......more