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November 1997

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Engine, transmission, clutch, body, top...... all check out in excellent condition but the interior is completely shot. And a pre-sale check up by Bob's Foreign Car Service showed that the suspension won't make it through inspection. My winter project will be to completely redo the dash top, dash crash pads, dash face, carpets, interior trim, seat foam and seat covers. But first.... the suspension.


November 6, 1997: I dropped the car off at Bob's Foreign Car Service to have him do the necessary suspension work. I'll pick it up on the 13th.

November 13, 1997: Old Yellow is back in the garage, safe and sound before tomorrow's sleet and snow.... if you believe weathermen. The wallet's a bit lighter due to time spent trouble shooting electrical problems as well as needing trailing arm bushings. The primary electrical problem going in was a rebuild of the alternator, but... horns didn't toot, blinkers didn't blink, some lights didn't lights etc., etc., etc. On the suspension/brake side, I've now got: rebuilt front calipers and new brake hoses, upper & lower suspension kit, tie rod ends, steering rack boots, 7/8" front sway bar, front and rear competition springs, ball joints, trailing arm bushings, front Konis & a rear Spax kit. It drives as if it's on rails and rides a whole lot better too. The next adventures will be State Inspection (which it will pass) and Emissions (which it will flunk!).

November 18, 1997: Much to the chagrin of the Motor Vehicle Inspector, we passed with flying colors. Having the suspension & electrical work done before inspection was the right decision as he checked everything...... blinkers, side marker lights, back up lights, high and low beams, shocks, exhaust and jacked up the front end and checked the wheels for free play. I have my Victoria British interior list made up and just need to call and order everything.

November 19,1997: Registered and legal! Also placed the interior order with Victoria British. Should have everything after Thanksgiving.

November 26, 1997: The real work begins.

November 27, 1997: Turkey Day - A four day weekend to spend on the dash.

November 28,1997: Burp..... excuuuuusee me.... too much turkey, I guess. A few more hours of work got the rest of the dash apart.

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Even less dash But, Lot of wires

November 30, 1997: Spent yesterday and today working on refurbishing the dash.

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Tough to see Nice grain!


Let's see December's work......more