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Making Your Own Door Caps

I've never liked the look of those one piece molded door caps. They never fit right and they looked me anyway. A couple of guys in the 6-Pack Forum told me how easy it was to make your own door cap with vinyl or leather so I figured I'd give it a try. All you need for each door is a strip of 1/8" closed cell foam about 4"x 30" and a piece of leather or vinyl the same size.

A good quality contact cement can be brushed or sprayed on to get the needed adhesion between the various pieces.

After spraying contact cement on the door and the 1/8" closed cell foam, the foam conformed easily to the shape of the door top.

Then you need to trim the foam and feather the top edge.
It may not look real pretty but it presents a nice base for the leather.
And another shot..........

The leather has been notched for the waist seal clips. For this area I brushed the contact cement on the side of the door and on the first 1/2" of the leather. That's all it takes to hold it tightly in place while you work the interior side.

Here's the leather hanging in place.
All notched out for the door panel clips.

After spraying the leather and the door top with contact cement, you let it set up and then pull it tightly over the top and work it down into shape. It actually molds very easily to the door and looks a heck of a lot better then the molded piece. I'm also glad I went with the 1/8" foam as it gives the whole cap a nice cushioned feel.

Not the best picture, but you can see how it forms to the door's shape.

Let's put those very cool TR4 Door Pulls on and figure out how to get the door and window cranks to fit!