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Installation Tips

Wheel Arch & "B" Pillar Installation

I'm using DAP HHR Contact Cement that is spray-able. Depending on how close/far you hold the gun gives you a 1/2" to 3-1/2" spray pattern. The cement sets up in about 1 minute or two and it really grabs tight. You have some repositioning time but not much.

The foam is a very firm and dense 1/4" closed cell foam.
Top foam piece in place> I never noticed the two "flat" spots in the wheel arch before.
Second piece in place
And the little filler piece finishes the foam.

Test fitting the cover. I make them large to make sure you get proper coverage. Then it's a matter of cutting slits and notches to snug up the fit.

After staring on this for about an hour trying to figure out the best way to attack this, I started at the bottom and glued the top and side in place.
Glue sprayed on both the leather and the wheel arch.....
This came out sooooooo smooth and tight. And that is not a wrinkle that you see. The fit is so tight that you can see edge of the leather that's folded under at the seam.
"B" pillar glued in place...........
Just need to trim it even with the body.
I'm using 3/8" plywood instead of that flimsy cardboard piece that comes with the $400 interior panel set.
Plywood glued to the leather
Leather glued to the plywood edge and trimmed flush
And the other side.........

Here's the outer side. I have to keep reminding myself that the door seal covers all of the recessed part so there's no real reason to spend a long time fussing with it.

Here it is all in place.

If you really want to set your car apart from the others, make your own door caps........