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So....In Conclusion

This was a fun project to do and I'll continue to periodically make up panel sets to sell on eBay. I enjoyed every aspect of it and found the sewing to be very rewarding. Did everything come out as I hoped for....Yes. Did everything come out perfect....Heck No. So here's the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

I love the way the doors came out, especially the pleats and door pulls. I may still add a trim screw to the pocket which will eliminate the wrinkle......but as my wife pointed out....I actually use the pocket which may put stress on the trim screw. Maybe a 1" chrome bar with two screws in it?

I love the door pull and the door cap. Here you can really see how the cap blends right in with the door panel.
I almost didn't do the door cap in leather out of fear of messing it up but it was really easy to do and looks great.

These also came out great and I think the pleats add just the right touch.

The wheel arch covers look so much better then the stock ones though they can hardly be seen now.

The bottom of the "B" pillar came out real nice and looks great in leather.

The wheel arch panel looked great until I had to make that bend at the top left and then the leather wrinkled. It's too bad as I matched the pleats from the door perfectly. The only thing I can think of would be to soak that section of back board in water and then screw it in place and let the back board take the shape of the curve. Maybe if the leather were applied to an already curved board it wouldn't wrinkle.
And then there's the trunk panel. This is the new trunk panel as the original one I made had a glue ....... or lack there of, problem. When I made the original panel I was having trouble with my glue gun and it showed in the final product once I got it installed........ the leather puckered up and separated from the foam so this is the new improved panel.