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My Boot Cover

Now that I've made all my own interior panels I figured it was time to try and tackle the boot cover. In looking over my ancient existing one that's all cracked and has been painted a few times I decided the only thing I had to lose was about $15 of material. Once I had it finished, it was "OK", not great but sure worth the $15. Then I decided to get the Pres-N-Snap tool for installing grommets and snaps and that set me back $100 and add on $50 to McMaster for grommets and snaps and I'm in this for about $170. So I may have to sell this one to recoup my investment! BTW.............the tool is worth every penny! The only mistake I made is that I ordered #2 sized grommets and the tool comes with a die for #1 sized grommets. The only reason I need grommets is for my wind blocker which requires two bolt holes through the boot cover.

The Pres-N-Snap Tool - It comes with 3 sets of dies: Snap Cap, Snap Stud & Grommet
Two set of dies on left and my McMaster order in bags.
Here's a Snap Cap resting on the top die
Push it down and it the rubber piece holds it in place

The Snap Socket actually snaps on to the bottom die. Nothing can fall's a one handed operation.

No Pre-punched holes required.....just position and squeeze
The Snap Cap
The Snap Socket

There's 17 snaps on a boot cover and this took all of 5 minutes to do once I had the locations marked. Every one came out perfect.

Perfect fit on the car.
Chalk marks are still there marking the snap locations
Instead of using piping I went with this stitch that I like better.