Restoration Project
January 1998

Under Construction..... in more ways than one

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Happy New Year

January 4, 1998: After almost two weeks of battling the flu, it's time to get back to work. The temperature hit 60 today but with no interior, a ride is out of the question. So I spent the day installing the new trunk kit and some of the carpeting. It seems like this should have gone quite quickly but I took a lot of time fitting and positioning felt pieces and carpet. About half done and so far so good. Oh yea, here's my new buddy...... a Christmas present from my honey.

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TR Teddy

January 11, 1998: We're still recovering from last night's 100th birthday party (50 years for me and 50 for Jeanne). I think the TR was the hit of the night. All our 50 something friends reminisced and one (my rich one) spent today surfing the Web for a 56 Chevy Bel Air Convertible.

Well, back to my car. The interiors 95% complete. All that needs to be done is to reupholster the passenger seat, install the passenger seat belt and put the top back on. The driver seat came out great and I hope to do the same for the other side. The new seat belts are a pain in the butt. I'll have to fool around with the mounting to see if I can get them to operate smoothly. No pictures this week......... maybe next week. Yesterday and today were beautiful: Sunny, dry roads and 45 - 50 degrees.......... not bad for the middle of January, so I spent about an hour yesterday and today cruisin the streets sans top...... not top down, cuz the top's in the basement.

January 18, 1998: Time to start on the passenger seat. But before tearing it apart, here's a "before (passenger seat) and after (driver seat)" picture.

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Before After

January 30, 1998: It's hard to believe that January is over, and harder to believe that the interior is almost completely done. There's very little left to do, so I'll be hoping for the rest of the winter to be full of sunny days and dry roads.

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Before Before After After

Time to go to February's work!




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