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Interior Restoration

December 25, 1997

Copy of interior gone2.jpg (13631 bytes)

No more seats, no more top, no more carpet, no more door panels.......... no more interior! The best part was that there weren't any surprises either. Everything came apart easily and the next step will be to "wire brush" the floors and paint them. The only "problem" I encountered was removal of the seatbelts. I couldn't get the nuts (in the wheelwells) to budge. Rather then risk rounding the corners of the nuts, I posted a question (on the size of the nut) to the Triumph mail list on the Internet. Within an hour Bob Wanat replied to tell me that the nuts are welded on (DUH) and to just unscrew the bolt (Double DUH) from inside the car. And they came out quite easily!

January 18, 1998
interior_back.JPG (17393 bytes)

It's almost all back together...... the seats are in the basement getting reupholstered and the interior just needs the carpet clips, kidney pads and the passenger seat belt installed. Without a doubt, the worst part of the interior renovation was the installation of the outer door waist seal and the inner door fuzzy weatherstrip seal. These two devilish, yet innocent looking pieces mount in the top edge of the door and seal the window on both the outside and inside. Installation at the factory was undoubtedly done without the window glass installed and was probably quite easy. With the glass installed it's an entirely different story. This is the only area where I have drawn blood.......... three times....... twice on the driver's side and once on the passenger side.


November 26, 1997
duct_tape_seats.jpg (19108 bytes) DashSeats.jpg (21318 bytes)


January 31, 1998
done.JPG (13277 bytes) done2.JPG (15305 bytes)

Just about 99% done. The seats are back in and the top is on. And the top was a treat in itself. I should have installed the top before putting the seats in as there would have been more room for maneuvering. This was also a two person job and luckily person two was back from the  mall! There's just a few odds and ends remaining to do: install the radio and kidney pads and I'll be done. Well, of course it's never completely done. It was a beautiful weekend here in Connecticut, mid 40's, sunny and dry roads, so we spent about an hour on both Saturday and Sunday driving around town. .

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