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Ever wonder what 23 year old fresh air/heater hose looks like? Can you say brittle? Real brittle! What wasn't broken under the dash, fell apart when touched. When your whole dash is apart, replacement is easy. You can order it from one of the catalogs for about $35.00 or get it from PEP Boys for $22.00. Mighty Flow makes a very flexible hose that comes in 6 foot lengths for $11.00. If you can find it by the foot, you need 8 feet total.

There's only about one square foot that needs to be painted but it requires about 20 square feet (both sides) to protect what doesn't need paint. Oh yea...... it's the windshield.

windshield1.JPG (13293 bytes)

December 19, 1997

It took a lot of wiggling but it finally slide into place. The only tricky part was getting the new gasket to lie flat. Its natural position was to curl under, so the trick was to find something I could slide under to pull it out and not scratch the car. The solution: a very long wok chopstick! It worked great. Once it was all complete I fired her up and went out and ran some errands. It was a beautiful sunny 40 degree day with dry roads. Perfect for some top down cruising.

The demister vents and ashtray are painted in a "crinkle" finish which I'm not sure if I like. The wiper arms are done in a satin finish.

The Bun Warmer

The ultimate gift for the winter restoration man...... 55,000 BTU's of kerosene fired, fan circulating, bun warming heat. Fill it up...... plug it in and it starts like the afterburners on an F-16. At 30 degrees outside, it warmed our two car garage in about 1/2 an hour and to shirt only temperature in another 30 minutes.

TRBear.JPG (20629 bytes)

January 4, 1998

Hey, hey, hey................ it's TR Teddy waiting for his first ride in Daddy's new car.

exhaust2.JPG (14720 bytes)

February 24, 1998

What's missing??? It's those freaking Monza exhausts which sound GREAT.................  for about 5 minutes. After that, it just drones on and on and on.......and on!! Maybe it's my 50 year old ears but it was time for a change. And what better thing to do then to go back to original components. The stock exhaust system arrived while we were playing golf in Myrtle Beach and was sitting in the hall waiting when we returned. Time to use that new floor jack and jack stands! The Monza system came off with very little trouble..... the new system went on with a little trouble! The biggest problem was that one of the inlet pipes to the muffler was smashed in. It took a lot of work with vice grips and hammers to get it back to "round". Once everything was in position and tightened I put the right front wheel back on, finger tightened the lug nuts and got the car off the jack stands. Started it up and listened to the mellow rumble of the exhaust. I let it idle for a while and watched all the penetrating oil I used burn off, then took it out for a spin. All went well until the I was turning back into the drive way after a 3 mile test drive and heard a constant thump. I figured it was the exhaust pipe hitting the frame..... @#%%***#$@& ... I muttered to myself. Let me just take the car up the street, turn off the engine and coast down the hill to see what it was. As I started up the hill.......... a thought crossed my mind......... finger...... tightened....... lug...... nuts!!! Oh s@#t...... I forgot to tighten the lug nuts!!! Turn around....... sloooooowly drive back to the garage...... damn I was lucky. No damage. Just embarrassed. We took the car out tonight and ran errands. Jeanne loves it. Tomorrow it goes to work.

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