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Well..... this picture speaks a thousand words. All this wire has to terminate under the dash with a few of them going to the rear lights.

With Christmas only a few days off, this will have to wait until after the first of the year. On Friday morning we're off to California for a week with the grandkids!

January 2005 and it's time to tackle the rear lights and the dreaded dash. But first I have to remove more of the car's interior. This time I pulled all of the trunk's interior panels and carpets and pretty much gutted the interior driver's side including: foot-well panels, carpet and under-carpet insulation, driver's seat and rear wheel arch panel. That last panel requires moving the seat belt anchor and the attachment point for the top's frame. I had previously removed the dash and all instruments before Christmas.

The trunk wiring included the fuel tank sensor, trunk light and all rear running light. It was all pretty straight-forward and just required thinking through how to tie it all together with either bullet connectors or soldered splices. So far the only soldered splice I've done has been the power wire for the license plate lights.