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Under the Hood/Bonnet

Before starting the installation you have to find a suitable location for the power block which measures approximately 6"Wx10"Lx3"H. You also need access to the sides in case you have to pull a flasher or a relay. As a result the options on a TR6 are rather limited. For me, it was between mounting it in the top of the passenger foot well or on the opposite side under the hood. I felt that under the hood made for a cleaner installation with easy access to all components. The downside is that the power block needs to be protected from the elements, though I don't recall this area ever getting wet in normal driving. In these pictures you can see the mounting location as well as all the interior wires being run through the cowl. The picture on the right also shows my solution to protecting the unit.


I didn't want to "mess with the weather gods" so I built a Plexiglas enclosure for the power block. I got a small sheet at Home Depot and cut it on my radial arm saw and then assembled it using silicone adhesive.

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