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Differential Clean Up, Prep and POR-15

The most shocking/surprising thing about the differential when I got it was the amount of scaly rust covering the case. I was beginning to wonder if this came from a Hurricane Katrina car and had spent time under 10' of salt water! But everything turned very easily and by using my angle grinder with an assortment of wire wheels I was able to remove the surface rust in preparation for painting with POR-15.

Cleaned up and ready for POR-15 paint
Just another view

The POR-15 process is pretty easy: remove any loose rust........well I went waaaaaaay beyond that step, then brush on their metal cleaner followed by their metal prep wash. The cleaner, prep and paint all come in their starter kit and there is plenty of all the products to do a differential plus a few other things.

Finished with two coats of POR-15

Next up is installing the new pinion seal and the pinion nut.