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Richard Good's Goodparts' Differential Kit

Richard Good of Goodparts' fame has put together a top quality kit for installing a Nissan differential in your TR6. Buying it is like picking off of a Chinese menu: Need a differential? He's got them. How about a shortened driveshaft? Yup...them too. And then there's the kit itself. Every piece machined to the highest standards.

Here's the complete kit plus the differential I got on eBay

New Hubs bolt to TR6 hubs New brackets re-use the existing TR6 mounts

While it's basically a bolt in replacement there was a challenge or two to overcome. As previously mentioned in another section, getting the pinion nut set to its pre-loaded position was an exercise in comedy as I tried to keep the axles from turning while attempting, and failing to tighten the pinion nut. The solution ended up being very easy as seen below.

Follow these steps and it's really easy to get it tight again

The next challenge was getting the old Nissan mounting studs removed from the differential. I tried the "lock two nuts together" and that didn't work. I thought about applying heat but............that didn't seem like a good idea with an aluminum case. So I put the automotive tools away and reached into my plumbing drawer for my pipe wrench and some black pipe for leverage. It still took a hefty tug to initially break them free even with two feet of black pipe over the pipe wrench handle.

Two feet of black pipe Both studs removed




Once I got the studs out I moved on to the new axle flanges. The fat one goes on the passenger/right side while the thinner one goes on the driver/left side. The only question I had with the flanges was.....nuts in or nuts out? I emailed Richard Good and his plan was to have them installed "nuts in"......toward the differential, but it really didn't matter. My concern was getting a wrench/socket on the nut and an Allen wrench in the hex bolt. I had an awful time breaking the existing TR6 axle flange nuts free when I was removing the TR6 differential so I wanted multiple options available if I need to remove this differential in the future. In the end it probably won't matter but I did it "nuts out" as can be seen in the two pictures below.

Once I got this decision made, the two axles went on with no problems. They're machined to fit very tight and you actually end up drawing the new flange in against the differential flange as you tighten the bolts/nuts. The only thing to pay attention to is that there is a thick and a thin flange.

Thin flange on the driver/left side Thick flange on the passenger/right side

Attaching the brackets was a "piece of cake" with the only caution being positioning them correctly. The front bracket mounts with no bushings required and with the "ears" pointing toward the rear of the car.

Plated washers on the top Black washers on the bottom.

Remember those studs that where so hard to remove.............well here's how it all looks once it's put together.

From the side From the rear
All done......except An important note!

Next up will be the actual installation