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Differential Flange Machining

When you buy your differential directly from Goodparts, all the required "machine" work has been done. But when you source one on your own, there are certain things that need to be done before it will all fit in your car. I previously mentioned that the tab on top of the differential needs to be ground off. That's pretty easy to do as long as you have an angle grinder. It's the other "things" that really can't be done in the home workshop. You may be tempted to tackle the flange modifications on your own but a look at the pictures below will probably change you mind. If this work isn't done perfectly, you might find yourself with a pretty serious drive train vibration.

The first step in the Flange modifications requires a metal lathe

Locked in chuck and aligned to 0.001" Cleaning face to remove surface rust
Cut depth set to 0.0055" Final face cut at exactly 0.0055"
Boring bar cuts pilot access Recess is now complete
Reducing diameter matches TR6 drive shaft Done: Faced, Bored and Reduced maybe you have a metal lathe in your home work shop and can do the work shown above but now you have to get the holes drilled to perfectly match the drive shaft flange. If you're even off by teeny tiny bit, you've got problems. you have a.......

Bridgeport Milling Machine?

Laser aligned to index original holes Locating center of flange to 0.001"
Readout set to center of flange Drilling Pilot holes
Drilling new bolt holes Chamfering holes

When you see the old flange and then look at the finished product, it probably doesn't seem like a whole lot of work was needed. But when you look at the step by step pictures you can see that it requires some very special equipment to do the job right.

Before After

Many thanks to my TBI friend Rick Patton who has a basement workshop that most of us can only dream about. If you want to see all the equipment in his home, yes I said home, work shop visit his new web site. His shop is in the "About Rick" section.