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Differential Installation

So how do you put it all back together? Well, you start with a new seal, then install the flange, attach the Goodparts' parts and shove it all back up into place! Sounds simple but these things never are. Installing the new seal was pretty simple.....remove the old one and install the new one. Simple if you've done it before, but this is all new territory for me.

Sealer Puller hooked in and then the seal pops loose!
New seal in place Crude 2"x4" block to hammer in new seal
New seal is pounded in nice and flush

All that's left now is to install the flange and pinion nut. Rick Patton suggested using Ultra Black on the last 1/2" of the flange splines as a seal against leakage. Then once the flange is in place, to spread some more around the top of the pinion where it means the flange. That way the pinion nut will squish it all down and finish off a new tight leak-proof seal.

Seal Puller & Old Seal Spread some Ultra Black on splines for about 1/2"

Before sliding the flange over the pinion, I coated the outside with a little lithium grease to make sure it slide past the new seal without binding. The flange should be lightly hammered home until it bottoms out. Then I uses some more Ultra Black to seal it all from any leaks.

Ultra Black spread around pinion Pinion nut tightened down so marks line up.

The picture, above right, shows the pinion nut tightened down with the punch marks lined up and the Ultra Black squished out. I wish I could say that tightening down the pinion nut was easy but, in truth, it was almost comical. The nut tightens easily up until that last 1/4 turn needed to properly set it to the original pre-load point....i.e. the two punch marks. That last 1/4 turn was an exercise in frustration because turning the pinion nut, turns the axles and no amount of "manly" strength will keep it all from turning. I tried a variety of attempts to lock the axles in place but nothing worked. I finally gave up on trying to keep the axles from turning and decided to focus on the flange itself. That worked so easily that I had to laugh at myself for not thinking of it sooner.


It took all 155 lbs on me standing on the diff housing to turn the pinion nut 1/4 turn!

Time to install the Goodparts' kit.