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Sunday at The British Invasion is unlike any show I've ever been to. For starters you park by color: Red, White, Blue, Green and "Rainbow"...... for those of us with funny colored cars. So you'll find an old beat up red MGB parked between a red Rolls and an Aston Martin. Then there's the blindfolded driver competition where the navigator has to direct the driver through a series of cones while the announcer calls the whole drive.... very funny and very hard to do. The last event is the Picnic Basket Competition where those so inclined pick a theme and carry it off on the field. Not for me but fun to look at.
This next vehicle did do the often do you think the cops stop them as they drive down the road?

This is the car that won Best of Show

I like yellow........but not too sure about a yellow Healey...

I missed this '64 Elva Courier on Saturday.....or I saw it after the camera battery died!

Looking up and down some of the rows where we were parked by car color

This vendor is here every year and does amazing sheet metal work.......especially aluminum

A pretty GT6

A bike, a Jag and a trailer!
A 2011 Mini Cooper Works car
And on to the Picnic Basket Competition.........
He's baaaack....... Sherlock Holmes returns! This time as Shakespeare
And some of them even feed you and give you wine!
This one left me speechless..........